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Professional Background of SID Principles

John Noukas

John Noukas is a former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent experienced in program management, security administration, task force supervision, crime prevention and investigations. John has directed and implemented foreign counterintelligence investigations on issues impacting United States National Security.

John continues to be responsible for the production of analysis and reports designed to identify and prioritize critical corruption issues. He conducts crime surveys and reviews investigative programs as part of an ongoing effort to facilitate, manage and develop effective strategies for involvement in security breaches, and prevention measures.

John is unequaled in experience for evaluating and identifying potential or existing unlawful activities, fraud, waste and abuse, developing plans for resolving security issues and managing staff to achieve beneficial results for clients.

While working with domestic and foreign multinational corporations and other business interests he is responsible for coordinating with domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies in task force environments, implementing infrastructure and to determine resources available for safeguarding property and personnel, managing crisis situations, and countering unlawful activities.

During the course of his public and private career, John has developed a global network of well-placed assets that actively contribute to the success of intelligence gathering assignments.

David W. Denton

David Denton is a lawyer with extensive investigative, security and litigation experience in both the public and private sectors. He served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York for fifteen years, where he handled investigations, trials and appeals of a wide variety of federal crimes, including numerous banking and securities frauds. During his tenure at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, David handled a number of international investigations, and became an expert in matters involving the acquisition of evidence and other information in many foreign jurisdictions.

In this capacity, David worked closely with many law enforcement officials, financial institutions, government and private sector attorneys around the world, and became adept at understanding and dealing with various legal structures and their differing requirements and restrictions. He also held a number of supervisory and executive positions in the office, including Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney, Associate U.S. Attorney and Chief of the Criminal Division.

In 1992, David was recruited by Citibank where he served as Deputy General Counsel for Security and Investigations. He supervised a worldwide staff of financial investigators handling a broad range of internal wrongdoings, external frauds and fraud prevention programs. In this capacity David established a worldwide network of assets and other contacts in the banking and brokerage community.

Based out of New York City, David continues to be involved in many global asset searches, and is unequaled in evaluating and identifying assets that are not subject to sovereign immunity.

David is a graduate of Stanford University and the University of Colorado School of Law. He is a member of the International Banking Security Association, a small group comprised of the heads of investigation and security at approximately fifty of the world’s most active international banks.

Jurg W. Mattman

Jurg Mattman is a former U.S. Secret Service Agent who, during the course of his assignments, was stationed in Europe as well as the United States. Jurg is thoroughly familiar with the elements of what is known as "arbitrary crime" and has extensive experience teaching others crime victimization avoidance.

He is highly skilled and experienced with the conduct of security surveys, threat analysis, security planning, V.I.P. personal protection and conducting security advances for V.I.P. protection.

 As a result of his Secret Service training, Jurg possesses a finely honed ability to recognize pre-incident indicators of security failures or lapses. He is particularly skilled at special events risk assessment and has assessed security and asset protection in various venues including, but not limited to, hotels, convention centers, airports, train stations, malls, and stadiums.

His numerous assignments in the United States and Europe have given him depth and the opportunity to acquire informants, assets and information sources of substantial quantity and quality.

John M Haynes

John Haynes is a former chemical, biological and explosive ordnance expert whose duties and responsibilities during the course of his professional career have included conducting "render safe procedures" on improvised explosives, and suspected chemical and biological devices. He is highly proficient in the use of explosive ordnance disposal equipment, improvised explosive devices, military ordnance, explosive demolition, and weapons of mass destruction and is proficient in spotting and assessing suspicious packages and other delivery systems.

John is a member of an exclusive international fraternity of ordnance experts who share information about new and evolving terrorist use of chemical, biological, and explosive devices.

Alexander Sideris

Alexander Sideris is not originally from the intelligence community. He has a degree in mechanical and electrical engineering and has extensive experience in the assembly and installation of steel structures and electrical and mechanical components in general, for physical plant projects throughout the world. Alex has specialized experience in assessing the vulnerability of building structures to physical and electronic penetration.

Alex was entrusted with ensuring the security integrity of the Moscow new embassy construction project in 1998 through 2000 and was assisting with construction security associated with the construction of the IZD building (U.S. Mission to the United Nations), in Vienna, Austria.

Alex's most recent assignment, from June through September 2001, was at the American Embassy in Tunis, Tunisia. As a Senior Construction Surveillance technician, his duties were to detect and deter unauthorized penetration of designated secure areas by individuals, the introduction of contraband and explosives, and the clandestine placement of audio and other surveillance devices that could compromise the interests of the facility.

Frederick Joseph Koch

Fred Koch is the former Director of Asset Protection and Corporate Security for Continental Airlines, Inc. His practical experience includes risk analysis surveys, oversight of system-wide investigations directed at protecting aircraft, airports, airline facilities, employees and customers and overseeing all cooperative company/governmental investigations worldwide.

During his long-standing tenure with Continental, Fred was responsible for managing regulatory compliance issues so as to prevent security lapses that could expose the carrier to government imposed fines and embarrassing media exposures.

Fred gained additional aviation security expertise as an active member of the Airline Transport Association's Security Committee where he identified and addressed aviation security matters. During the Gulf War he participated in the adoption and implementation of many extraordinary security measures mandated by the U.S. Department of State, the Department of Justice and the Federal Aviation Administration.

In 1995 Fred assisted the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Secret Service identify the airline nexus in the Oklahoma City bombing investigation. He established and maintains close ties with American intelligence agencies, the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Terrorism Task Force, and the U.S. Defense Investigative Agency to administer classified government aviation security programs.

Fred's ability to understand the nuances of airline and airport operations, coupled with his knowledge and understanding of government security, and his plethora of industry contacts, has provided him with unique insights into aviation security on a global scale.