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Noukas and Associates is an internationally affiliated organization of professional investigators. Noukas and Associates has been the industry's standard ever since the 1980s.

Financial Investigations - Asset Discovery

Noukas & Associates provides due diligence of prospective business partners and employees and asset discovery services that provide insight into the financial positions of corporations and individuals preliminary to mergers, acquisitions or takeovers. The company also can uncover financial data relevant to insider trading and other securities violations, as well as anti-trust and anti-competition abuses. Our public records research includes corporate filings, Uniform Commercial Codes, litigation history, bankruptcy, judgment and liens, real property transactions, liabilities, and credit history.

Insurance Fraud Detection and Litigation Firewalls

All facts surrounding personal injury or product liability claims can be documented when fraud is suspected in insurance claims or cases involving litigation. Services include a full background investigation of individuals, asset investigation to determine financial motive, and surveillance to identify the true extent of a claimed injury.

Environmental Law Compliance Investigations

We have considerable experience in the area of environmental investigations and have been involved in numerous environmental cases over the past two decades both in enforcement activities at Superfund sites and in defense of corporations that have been accused in violating various environmental laws (CERCLA, RCRA, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act....).  Our participation involved initiating and completing all the necessary tasks to develop evidence of potential liability for use in prosecutions, negotiations and litigation, including but not limited to:

  • Records collection and compilation
  • Waste-in calculations
  • Financial analysis of Potentially Responsible Parties (PRP's)
  • Conducting PRP investigations

The staff of Noukas & Associates has extensive litigation support experience in environmental  matters and our investigators are familiar with established and recommended EPA procedures and protocol to develop evidence of potential liability.

In most instances, our firm is retained to review and analyze documents and to develop background information on each PRP utilizing state of the art computerized services, to perform physical searches of courthouse records and to conduct interviews.

Investigative interviews are particularly valuable to our clients since they complement the collection of relevant records and aid in the development of site-specific information that may not have been recorded in government or PRP documents.  Investigative leads developed during interviews often leads to the disclosure of pertinent information regarding permits, clean up orders, haulers, operators, current and former site employees, site neighbors, and the names of possible generators and transporters.

Interviews with PRPs, especially with transporters and former employees or informants, are often a tremendous resource in understanding the past practices of operators, and provide first-hand information regarding individual PRPs.

Corporate Crime Investigation

Internal investigations focus on producing both documentation to defend against corporate civil or criminal charges and discovery initiatives for suspected irregularities such as skimming, kickback schemes, theft, fraud, conflicts of interest, embezzlements and other “white collar” criminal activities.

Due Diligence

Noukas & Associates offers global consulting services for corporate clients requiring due diligence investigations.  We conduct both business and personal background investigations, incorporating source intelligence and personal interviews to verify employment, education, credit history, and other information pertinent to client interests.

One of our strongest geographical focuses involves due diligence inquiries in Russia, Eastern Europe and the republics of the former Soviet Union.  Our president, Mr. John Noukas, has traveled and studied in the former Soviet Union and is fluent in Russian.  During his years with the FBI, Mr. Noukas gained additional insights into this region while assigned to Soviet and Eastern Bloc counter-intelligence work.  Since establishing his private investigative practice, Mr. Noukas has assembled an extensive network of confidential and influential contacts in government and and private sectors in Russia and the other former Soviet republics.

In all of our due diligence cases we will work to assess the business reputation our client's prospective partners by evaluating their track records.  We attempt to identify and fully develop information relating to their ties to individuals and groups of influence in both the government and private sectors.  We vigilantly seek out "red flags" or other concerns that are of specific interest to our clients and we provide expert consultation regarding the potentials risks that are inherent to business relationships and financial transactions that are transpired across international borders.

Preservation of Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks

The firm provides evidence to protect against the counterfeiting of trademarked products, the copying of patented products and the theft of copyrighted intellectual properties.

Computer Network and Database Security

Noukas & Associates can identify potential security breaches, suggest appropriate remedies, and customize commercial packages for clients with specialized database needs. In addition to complete and secure hardware and software installation, configuration and network integration services, we provide troubleshooting and technical support.

Industrial Espionage Protection

Technical Countermeasure Surveys prevent the loss of sensitive business information. Services include inspection of the premises and use of state of the art electronic equipment to detect eavesdropping devices or compromises in telephone systems. Investigations also determine the extent of product tampering, executive compromise, competitor interest in patents, and management raiding.

Defense Contractors Awareness Program

A consulting service designed to achieve a timely awareness of Hostile Intelligence Service (HIS) activities targeted against industrial and technological facilities. HIS interests include, but are not limited to, technology acquisition, scientific discovery, technology transfer, and executive/employee compromise.

Important Notice

Noukas & Associates will NOT accept:

  • Assignments which we believe to be injurious to the interests of the United States government or its citizens.
  • Cases from clients who will not provide us with a clearly stated purpose for the work to be performed.
  • Contingency Fee Cases.